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Generative Art

I’ve created these generative drawings using P5.js by plotting points according to recurrence formulas that are extended versions of Clifford attractors & Peter de Jong attractors.
Check them here:

“A strange attractor is a pattern existing in a complex mathematical space (or phase space). This pattern represents the path traced by a point in that space.

Also, represents the parameter space of a chaotic system, so each output of the equation becomes a parameter for the next step or iteration.

A strange attractor represents the “solution” to a nonlinear equation, dynamic or chaotic system. The pattern generated by these strange attractors is fractal in nature.

Strange attractors exhibit stable, non-periodic behaviors or dynamics that can be represented as a non-repeating (fractal) pattern in the system’s phase space.”

All of these algorithmic drawings are inspired by the work of Japanese artist Masaru Fujii.
You can check his tutorial here:

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