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Immersive & Interactive Art

We are living in a crisis! Environmental, political, ethical and cultural emergencies face us on a daily basis because of the state of the globe. A critical situation has emerged out of our humanist tradition and the way we perceive ourselves as exceptional, separate from, and in a position to exploit, nature and nonhuman animals for our own benefit.

The project attempts to step away from the anthropocentric position in favor of the world of frogs; a symbol of a nonhuman being, to explore the methods through which they experience the world. «Frogs are considered indicator species because they are the first to be affected by degradation of the environment. Their dwindling numbers may be a warning to us that our planet is becoming unlivable.” Frog is borrowing inspiration from posthuman theories; using immersive design methods to build an audiovisual, immersive, imaginary Frog’s world as a motif for perspective-shifting of our perception of the environment

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