AI Art, Immersive & Interactive Art

That night I dreamt, I was sleeping on a bed, and the bed was in a crimson garden

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AI Art, Immersive & Interactive Art

In ancient times, only the divines were regarded as creative, with the phrase only later evolving to refer to exceptional individuals. Today, this notion that had previously been primarily associated with people is utilized to characterize objects like machines which have the potential to broaden our knowledge of core human qualities like self-expression and introduce fresh insights.

Ahmad Aiuby explores the human-machine relationship focusing on creativity, language and body. His poetry book interrogates the relationship between natural and artificial creativity by using the medium of poetry as a material subject. Each poem in this installation has been fed to the Disco-Diffusion machine learning model as a training prompt, allowing the machine to generate its artificial representation for each poem. The interactive digital installation invites viewers to express themselves creatively by engaging with and influencing the behavior of its particles.

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